Who is Com Mirza?

Com Mirza started with a small lemonade stand at the age of 7, and today at the age of 31 he runs 26 companies across 7 countries. 80% of his companies are technology related, and 20% are into real estate, hotels, agriculture, optical, franchise businesses, media production, transportation and events. He owns homes in 5 countries, a few hotels, and many real estate projects around the world. But he was not always this successful. In fact he failed in his first 7 companies, went bankrupt and in debt on his 8th company, sold his 9th company and got out of debt and on his 10th company he finally made millions of dollars.

Since 2003 he's failed in over 40+ companies, over 60+ investments, and countless failures in projects and businesses. He has perfected the art of never giving up, and learning from his failures to eventually build massive success. Today he is chasing his dreams of becoming a billionaire through his many diversified companies, businesses and investments and he wants to bring along hundreds of millionaires to the top.

Recently Com Mirza hosted the Billion Dollar Mastermind in Dubai with entrepreneurs from around the world. He only chose 12 participants but had over 300+ applicants. Many applicants requested he host a lower end mastermind for those who could not make it to the billion dollar mastermind and desperately wanted to take their businesses and lives to the next level. So we decided to create the Millionaire Mastermind in Las Vegas for several hundred entrepreneurs to help them take their business to the next level.


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  • 1

    Anyone who currently does not have a business that is already earning revenue and making money. If you don’t have en existing business this event probably isn’t for you. Although you will learn truck loads of tips techniques and strategies they work best for those who have an existing business to instantly apply these methods towards and not those in the idea, prototype, and brainstorming stage of their business.

  • 2

    Anyone who is lazy, hesitant to apply, and procrastinates often. This event is a no nonsense no fluff event, and all those who attend will only get results if they apply what they learn right away without hesitation and without delay. Anyone who has not completed actions and tasks in the past, is an excuse giver, is hesitant to apply the things they learn right away, procrastinates applying, lets fear or self doubt, or self sabotage hold them back from chasing their dreams then this event is not for you. We are only seeking action takers, appliers, executors, those individuals and teams who can take what they learn, apply it instantly, and keep applying it until they achieve the desires results they are after.

  • 3

    Anyone who lets failure stop them from success. Com Mirza has failed almost 100 times combined in many different attempts in his businesses, investments, and companies, and its safe to say the other multi millionaire speakers and experts who will be attending and sharing they’re knowledge wisdom and jedi marketing tactics have also failed countless times. The only thing Com Mirza and all the other multi millionaire entrepreneurs didn’t do was give up while failing. They may have had to start again, over and over, but they never hesitated to starting again regardless of the outcomes and failures they experienced. If you have failed and given up in the past then this event is not for you. We are only looking for those individuals and teams who will never give up, always try again, and value their dreams more than anything else.

  • 4

    This is a mastermind event, not just a networking get together, expect to really put in work, help others out with your knowledge experience and wisdom. If your attending this event to simply hijack all the marketing and sales tactics and keep them to yourself without contributing to the other attendee’s growth and development then this event probably isn’t for you.

  • 5

    This event is for the entrepreneurs who really want to take their business and life to the next level. The simple basic strategies that you will find at beginner events will not be covered here. You need to come expecting to learn the latest greatest kick ass ninja techniques and strategies that consistently make millions of dollars a year. If your still trying to figure out what a landing page is, what a webinar is, what a email list is, what a marketing campaign is, don’t have any social profiles on Facebook, twitter, youtube etc then this event probably isn’t for you.

  • 6

    If your still interested in attending this mastermind event and still reading then let me try to warn you further. This isn’t a cheap event, with your typical guys doing a few thousand to a few hundred thousand online every year in business. This is a no nonsense serious event that is expensive to attend and carefully crafted to help you not only reach and surpass the million dollar level but also know exactly how to build out a road map to achieving your dreams from owning the most expensive homes cars and toys in the world, to providing your family loved ones friends and associates the highest quality and quantity of life affordable. This event is not for the faint hearted or the cheap minded. Rarely in the history of events does a person who is worth almost half a billion dollars take time out of his life to spend 5 days with hundreds of attendees helping them hit the million dollar level and beyond. This truly is a once in a life time opportunity that will never ever come again.

  • 7

    if your down to your last penny, borrowing heavily to attend this event, and putting yourself in a negative financial situation thinking this event is instantly going to make you millions over night i urge you not to come. Although we are confident we can help anyone at any stage take their business to the next level, it is far more effective and efficient to help those who are already on a level playing field. If your struggling to make ends meet and over leveraging yourself to come to this event chances are your mind will not be in the right place. You will be to focused on your debts and desperately trying to make a quick buck without realizing that in order to make millions your mind has to be in the right place, your work ethic needs to be above par and you cannot be focused on anything else other than your growth progress and results.



Mr Com Mirza

Future Billionaire and currently 450 million dollar man with 26 companies, in 7 countries, over 10 million customers, and 3 billion in annual turnover. The poster boy for chasing dreams and catching them and your host of the Million Dollar Mastermind, The Billion Dollar Mastermind, and all other Mirza Events, Retreats, and Conferences.

Mr Greg Davis

Aka – Mr 50k A Day – On His Way To Mr 250k A Day – Greg is a super affiliate rockstar, doing 5-10 million dollars a year, an expert at paid traffic, ad campaigns and ninja tricks to banking millions of dollars per year. Greg has been making money online since early 2000 almost 14 years. It wasn’t until 2007 that he really skyrocketed his earning potential and quit his job and started making millions. and it was all due to his belief in attending masterminds. Today Greg is chasing down his goal of reaching 25 million a year in income.

Mr Andrew Fox

Aka Foxy – Andrew is a super affiliate as well and a black belt master at product launches with over 5-10 million under his belt. Having made 1.5 million dollars alone from a single click bank sales letter, creating millions of dollars on product launches on a consistent basis over and over again, writing brilliant copy that converts like clockwork. Andrew has been around the internet marketing game for 15 years and is one of the veterans who’s done it all and seen it all and now on his way to creating a 50 million dollar company.

Mrs Angela Long 

Mrs Angela Long – AKA – miss 100 videos a day – Anji has consistently been teaching her community about creating top grossing videos for years. She recently launched her Youtube Explosion Code Product and is now launching the 100 video club which helps people create over 100 videos using her methods, strategies and techniques. If you haven’t cracked the 100 video club yet you need hear Anji share her story and learn how you too can use video to skyrocket your business. It is some serious commitment to content creation and only those who are truly chasing dreams have the potential under Anji’s guidance to become video millionaires. Anji is on her way of cracking the million dollar mark and beyond in 2014.

Mr Peter Parks 

100k a day paid traffic guru – Peter consistently generates over 100k a day through Facebook marketing and ad campaigns. He is well known in the internet marketing circles as an expert at Facebook marketing. They don’t call him Mr 100k a day for nothing. Peter loves to teach the no fluff real life strategies that help people get instant returns on their online marketing and ad spends. He has perfected the art of paid campaigns becoming a multi millionaire in the process. If anyone can consistently spend 100k a day on Facebook and make double thats impressive. Here is the kicker, its all white hat stuff. No black hat in Peter’s game at all. Peter is bound to make some multi millionaires this year for sure.

Mr Nik Halik 

Civilian Astronaut – Multi Millionaire – Best Selling Author – Nik is truly an amazing human being with an incredible story about chasing dreams. He has dived down to the bow of the titanic and had lunch, climbed the worlds highest mountains, visiting some of the deepest caves in the world, and been to outer space. He is one of australia’s only civilian astronauts and plans to one day travel to the moon. He owns the mars land rover the only vehicle to travel on the moons surface for 22km. Nik is the founder and ceo of thrillionaire inc and one of the most savvy investors and entrepreneurs in the world. Nik has made many millionaires and fully expects to make many more in 2014.

Mr Al Karim Nasser

Multi Millionaire – Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur in Canada – CEO and founder of Bnotions a design firm based in yahoo’s old offices in downtown Toronto. Al Karim started his journey with a handful of friends building websites. His desk was literally an ironing board, today his company is in yahoo’s old sprawling offices in Toronto. His company Bnotions boasts some of the top clients in the world including Oprah network, Quizno’s , American Express, Johnson n Johnson, Indigo, RBC, Sportchek, Travelocity, and many more. Al Karim is a true hustler at his craft, he drives a Tesla Roadster for fun and is on track to make many millionaires in the coming years.

Mr Bob Urichuk

Top 4th Sales Guru In The World – Best Selling Author -  Bob is a master at sales using his velocity selling system. He has spoken at over 1500 events around the world, trained over 10,000 sales people become experts at selling, written several best selling books, and currently travels the world doing massive conferences and seminars on the velocity selling system. Recognized as one of the top 4 Sales coaches in the world behind Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy.

Here’s The Facts

This event is not for everyone, and on top of that its expensive to the average entrepreneur, even on top of that its 5 days of investment of your time. Your either interested in learning from a room with a combined net worth of over 800 million dollars or your not. Dozens of multi millionaires showing you exactly how to make tens of millions of dollars is either your cup of tea or it is not. At this point you should either be over the top with excitement to attend this event, and make the investment into your financial education or you should say this is not for me and not waste anymore of your time.



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Listen to what some of our Billion Dollar Mastermind members

have to say about Dubai and Las Vegas Masterminds

I have personally invested over the last 10 years over 10 million dollars into my own education.

My personal and professional development, knowledge and training mean everything to me, because i’m driven to achieving my dreams. I have hired some of the worlds most intelligent, successful and wealthy people to teach me everything they could on how i could become a billionaire. I have over 10 billionaire friends, and 2 billionaire mentors who are committed to kicking my ass to achieve my dreams. To be quite honest 75% of the stuff i spent millions of dollars on learning was fluff, crap, garbage, and useless. It wasn’t until i met and was mentored by billionaires that i truly saw my life skyrocket in every area. There are thousands of capable mentors but only a handful of highly successful ones that are living the dream you want to achieve. I’ve always believed in surrounding yourself with those who have financially accomplished what you want in life. It has paid off a hundred times over for me and i’m confident when you take your life serious that it will pay off for you too.


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Lets take a look at 20 + strategies you will learn at this event to take your

business to the million dollar level and beyond.

  • 1

    Creating the exact step by step blueprint to take your business to 1 million dollars and beyond.

  • 2

    Defining and designing the ultimate dream lifestyle for the rest of your life on the spot.

  • 3

    Knowing exactly what your worth is, down to the hour, and be able to charge what your worth.

  • 4

    How to add tens of thousands of subscribers to your email marketing. List building on steroids.

  • 5

    How to guarantee massive amounts of traffic. Serving melting super affiliate traffic that converts higher.

  • 6

    Facebook ad campaigns, spend a few thousand dollars to generate a few hundred thousand dollars.

  • 7

    Webinar Monetization. Make each and every single webinar turn into $25,000 – $50,000 dollars in sales. 10 Webinars equals $250,000 – $500,000 in months.

  • 8

    How to craft offers, positioning, and strategy to generate a consistently higher ROI than any competitor in the market.

  • 9

    Consistently generate 5-6 figure product launches using a proven formula that helped generate 5-10 million in product launches.

  • 10

    Crush it with video to get more leads, buyers, exposure, awareness, subscribers, fans, speaking gigs, sold out events, one to one coaching all using the proven video marketing secrets of miss 100 videos a day.

  • 11

    Page design to generate higher click throughs and purchases. 10X more purchases and click throughs on the traffic your getting.

  • 12

    Upsell, cross sell, side sell, and sell sell sell. Getting a sale is easy, turning that sale into a life time income stream is the million dollar secret.

  • 13

    SEO tips, tricks, and hacks that will triple your sales in weeks.

  • 14

    The art of partnerships and Joint Ventures. Double triple and quadruple your business, income, and results.

  • 15

    Scaling. Scale equals more money, higher valuations, and bigger offers for exits, and acquisitions. If your looking at 10 – 100 million you need to know everything about scaling up.

  • 16

    Funding for your company or startup overnight. At some point your company needs money to take things to the next level. I’ll teach you exactly how to raise hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in funding while retaining majority equity, control and direction of your company.

  • 17

    Mobile Commerce. What all the silicon valley experts and venture capitalist are betting on when it comes to mobile. Position yourself to dominate the app, M-commerce, and mobile domains.

  • 18

    Monetize yourself, your knowledge, your experience with a proven process. Create 5-6 figure incomes without having a huge website, or email list.

  • 19

    Sell out events, coaching, consulting, retreats, and masterminds. Hear from experts who made millions crafting, marketing, and selling coaching and events.

  • 20

    Branding + Relationships. How to create a million dollar brand, create million dollar brand equity in the market place, and build million dollar relationships overnight.

  • 21

    E-commerce + publishing content. E-commerce experts teach you how to make millions of dollars and publish enormous long tail content that will make millions down the road

These are just some of the things that will be covered over the entire 5 day event.

There will be plenty of networking opportunities, joint venture opportunities, contests, one to one personal live small coaching sessions with the experts and multi millionaires and lots of other bonuses and surprises. We put together a comprehensive list of content in over 25 different categories with each category designed to make you a million dollars. If you were to apply all the content in every single category you could potentially create a $25 million dollar company in a few years time. Lets say you applied half of the categories and strategies you would create a $12.5 million dollar company. If your a lazy couch potato and only applied one category whole heartedly in one single niche you would still potentially end up creating a million dollar company. We made sure that each program and piece of content we are teaching over the entire 5 days has a blueprint to take it to the million dollar level.


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This is your chance to get up close and personal access to a half a billionaire and dozens of other multi millionaire entrepreneurs.


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I’m 100% confident your going to walk away with a real dream, fully planned out, and a plan to execute step by step to reach the million dollar levels and beyond. I’m so confident on delivering what we promised that i’m going to add an iron clad money back guarantee. So here is the deal if after the very first day you feel the next 4 days are not going to teach you anything, you feel your not any closer to taking your company to the million dollar level and beyond, and you think this is a big waste of your time then simply go to anyone of our organizers and mention the phrase, “I have an emergency, my cat died and need to leave right now” and you can instantly return your folders, and printouts, and be refunded your money that you paid. Its really that simple.

We are committed to your success, nothing will make us happier than making sure you succeed but you have to invest into yourself, you have to be challenged to create your best work, and driven to complete the actions day in and day out until they generate the results you deserve. Without 110% effort making millions of dollars is just not possible, but be reassured with the right guidance and the best efforts making a million dollars will be one of the happiest experiences and accomplishments of your financial life.